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“You Can Give Without Loving, But You Cannot Love Without Giving.” Amy Carmichael


We give as an act of worship to our Lord, who graciously gave His life for His church. We desire to see His kingdom expand through lives that have been changed by the gospel. For the Christian, giving is not to be reluctant or under compulsion, but joyful and out of love. It is a tangible way to demonstrate our trust is in God and not our own self-sufficiency. It is a humble act of obedience that shows that our heart longs for a better country where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.


Sunday morning

Worship through tithes and offerings is conducted following corporate worship through singing. Checks should be made out to “Redeemer Church of Pace”.


For your convenience, we offer secure online giving though Easy Tithe. With Easy Tithe you can make a one time donation or setup an automatic recurring donation. Donations can be made by check or debit card (Easy Tithe charges an extra 2.25%fee for debit card transaction.


The apostle Peter warned that men and women would use religion to exploit others (2 Pet 2:3). At Redeemer we desire to be above reproach for how we steward the resources we have been entrusted with(2 Cor 8:20-21). In pursuit of this goal, we seek to maintain a high level of transparency and accountability for our finances. Significant financial decisions are made corporately by the congregation and our budget is made available to members at an annual meeting.