Building Project

The building the Lord has blessed us with needs a lot of love. It's going to take the body coming together to transform it into a suitable space. If you would like to pitch in to the effort, below is a list of items that need done. A workday is scheduled for 13 May, but members are welcome to go out anytime. Reach out to the elders if you need access to the building.

Current To-Do List 
  • Throw freezer contents out, clean inside of fridge. Spray mold on fridge/freezer seal
  • Sweep up debris in sanctuary/fellowship hall
  • Take pews in sanctuary to house garage
Trim/getting ready to paint:
  • Patch holes in Bathrooms, Foyer, Pastors office, Prayer room, and Sanctuary
  • Patch & lightly sand doors (Front and Fellowship Hall exterior doors, sanctuary double door, interior doors still standing)
  • Apply degreaser/lightly sand cabinets in bathrooms
  • Remove toilet paper/towel racks in bathrooms
  • Cut nails sticking out of the wall in Fellowship Hall
  • Patch divots in wall in Fellowship Hall
  • Scrape glue off floor in sanctuary, pastor’s office, prayer room, & hallways
  • Remove trim (floor & wall) from sanctuary, hallways, pastors office, and prayer room. (throwing trim away)
  • Bust out from steps in front of stage
  • Remove top half of wall of sound room (want a pony wall to remain…talk to Michael Robbins for details before doing anything)
  • Wood ramp out West door (to kids future playground…talk to Mike Schloss for details)
  • Extend step on left side of sanctuary

  • Clear brush in kids playground area (**beware of poison ivy**)
  • Remove remaining white fence posts (near Crape myrtles)
  • Trim brush near house

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